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How to get both Zwave AND Zigbee in the same environment ?


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I have a 994i that I intend to upgrade with a Zwave module. However, I'd like to also monitor power using Brultech GEM, which is apparently only really available if you have the Z model...


Do I need a second ISY? If so, how would i do that?


If there's a way to add Brultech and use the power module with the equipment I already have, is there a way to do that?





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I use the Dashbox to log and graph the GEM data (over its serial connection) - and the Dashbox can update state variables on ISY with the current power values (ove its Ethernet connection). No ZigBee involved at all. It's not quite the native solution that io_guy will be able to do, but it does allow me to act on power states - and gives all the other Dashbox benefits.

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