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Controlling an outletlinc from a switchlinc


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There are three OutletLincs with different requirements. Which one do you have? What kind of bulb is in the lamp? Did you turn the lamp and verify that it is on before plugging it into the OutletLinc?

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Sorry didnt realize there were multiple versions.  It is a 2473.  It has a lamp plugged into it.  The lamp does turn on and off with pressing the button on the outletlinc.  


The only way I've been able to get the switchlinc to be able to control it is by using a program

If Switch is On

then Set Outlet On

else Set Outlet Off


Is this the only way to do it?

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No, you should be able to control the On/Off Outlet using a scene. Click on the scene. Ensure that both the Outlet and the SwitchLinc are set to 100%. Select Tools > Diagnostics > Event Viewer. Set the level to 3 Device communications events. Right click on the scene and select Diagnostics > Scene test. Did the test succeed?

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