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Why does the "about" screen say Internet Access Disabled ?


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I recently upgraded my ISY99i to ISY994i.  I entered all the network addresses and such, same as the old ISY.  I retained all the port forwarding configuration the same in my routers because I used the same IP address and Port number.


For some reason the new ISY is not happy, but I'm at a loss  as to why.

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The reason I'm a little concerned is when I try to browse to the ISY My Lighting web site, I get asked for a user & password but then the web page cannot be found.  I'm using the ip address:port 192.168.0.xx:xxxx

Your 192.168.0.xx:yyyy is an address that is not allowed out on the Internet and is for local LAN access only.


Almost everybody uses the same range of IP addresses on their own LAN and routers will not pass this range outside onto the Internet.


Port forwarding in your router allows an external Internet IP address to be converted to a local LAN IP address and vice versa. This is effectively "punching a hole" in the natural firewall created by your router.


Usually inside your own LAN the port address is assumed to be 80 and not needed to be specified. http:// is the prefix to be used with this non-secure port.


https:// (note 's') would be used for ports like 443 and  higher. This is more secure protocols.

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Yes, I do understand what you are saying, but for clarification, I do require the port no. to get even local LAN access.  But, after getting the ISY Authentication user id/password screen I just get a message "/USER/WEB/iTouch.htm not found".


I should know this but, I don't understand how I get to the ISY web page.  Sorry for the dumb questions

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It looks like I.m looking for the web server code for UDAJAX, which is loaded /user/web directory in ISY.  I guess it's not loaded in my ISY994i.



Were you using HAD?  If your ISY is firmware 4.2.0 or greater, go to the default http webpage and select "Home Automation Dashboard" as the default UI. If the ISY firmware version is older than this, you will have to load it on yourself. I would really suggest updating to a 4.2.0 or newer ISY firmware if this is the issue.


Also, I do not have iTouch.htm in my ISY's Web directory. Is this a custom page you wrote or installed on the old ISY?


That page (and any other customized files) will need to be copied back onto the new 994i



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