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Can the motion sensor be used looking down?


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I want to use a motion sensor in my upstairs hallway to turn on a light if someone comes out of the bedroom and it is too dark to see.

I have a DSC alarm and a BV-500 I was planning on using to do this.

However I have no way of telling if it is dark enough to warrant turning the light on in this scenario.


If I were to use the insteon motion it says it has the ability to work only when dark which sounds great, but the layout would prove difficult I think.  I have bedrooms at opposite ends of the hall and don't see how one sensor could cover it unless maybe it could while pointed straight down.


Anybody have experience using the insteon motion pointed straight down?

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I've successfully used ceiling mounted Insteon motion sensors. Keep in mind that, like nearly all motions sensors, the Insteon motion sensor responds to motion (more accurately, minute changes in heat) in a horizontal direction when mounted on a wall. Here's a top down view of the field:


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As long as the motion cuts across the face of the MS horizontally (left <--> right with normal mounting) you should be fine.


The Insteon MS units are quite sensitive but also have  a jumper to desensitise them if desired. Mine picked up my bird at about 25-30 feet in a cage, once.

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Well I tried and it just didn't work for me. I can only cover part of what i wanted to.

I think my next motion sensor project will be to see if I can disassemble and try to trigger this insteon motion from my dsc motion as I know that can see 360 degrees.


Anybody else torn one of these down before?

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A 360º degree sensor can see only 180º when mounted on the ceiling. Or will see only motion from the ceiling to a few feet below, depending on how you mount it. What is the shape of the area you want to cover? Provide dimensions.

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