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programatic device "factory reset" by ISY


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Is there a way to completely reset an INSTEON device i.e. - a factory reset, through ISY programatic control?  


There seems to be a major conflict here between security and the factory resetting function.  From what I've seen, SmartHome recommends things that require physical access to the device in order to push various buttons that will perform their factory reset.  That's problematic in large INSTEON installations where many devices are enclosed in wall boxes.  Can you imagine dropping the fan to reset a FanLinc?  


Maybe this isn't the right question so here's why I'm asking:

I've arrived at this point of frustration by my hand -- poor device housekeeping.  This home system had been through Several PLM's, several ISY's and other controllers.  I find now, that  my INSTEON devices have bogus device address contamination.  Most folks recommend factory resetting everything.  Sounds like a simple solution but it's really not.  99% of the lighting in my house is controlled by INSTEON stuff.  The stuff talks to each other while I'm going around resetting things.  I believe this re-contaminates reset devices with old bogus addresses.  I have quite a few devices that would require removing the fan or going inside electrical boxes to reset.  SO -- to me, the key seems to be a way to factory reset devices by some sort of programatic control.  









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"Is there a way to completely reset an INSTEON device i.e. - a factory reset, through ISY programatic control? "





Note that neither devices themselves nor the ISY create link records on their own initiative.  For devices to create link records two devices have to be put into linking mode.  The ISY has to receive a command.   

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Before you go for the entire factory reset approach: Do you know what most of the devices are and what their addresses should be? If yes, I would validate that the scene participants are defined correctly in the ISY, and try a device by device restore.


For devices where that doesn't work. Delete the device and add it back in. Ideally the ISY "removes all links" when it adds devices under default settings. It won't take long to see if that works or not.


If certain scenes are misbehaving across devices, try deleting and recreating the scene.


Test the above techniques out on a few devices and see if it helps. Maybe at least the total job can be minimized. An hour or so of experimenting should tell you if it'll work. 

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This really begs the question.


If you cannot communicate properly with a device, how can we factory reset it when the reason for doing it in the first place is we can't control it?


I understand the need for this but logic prevents it from being possible usually.

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