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INSTEON Thermostat and ISY994i


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I searched this forum for information on this question and there are so many threads out there on thermostats, I'm hoping you'll humor one more.  I have a 4 zone heating/cooling system in my home with simple programmable thermostats. I have an ISY994i and many INSTEON devices I control. I'd like to add thermostats to that list.  Is the INSTEON 2441TH the way to go?  Is NEST compatible with the ISY994i?  Are there better options than INSTEON?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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One of the Insteon Thermostats would be the fastest, easiest path to integration with the ISY. Which thermostat depends on what type of system you have; gas vs heatpump. The Insteons can handle multi stage systems and can be controlled by the ISY.


The nest, like the venstar colortouches and others, can be made to work with the IYS but additional software, and integration steps and in some cases a server are required.


For the Insteon, you'll need need power provided by the furnace to power the stat, or a local 24v HVAC powersupply for each if there is not power provided.


If you are gas, not heat pump, and comfortable its compatible with your system, there is a 4 pack special at smarthome right now, and their black friday 20% off is available until Tuesday

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