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Doorbell wiring question (DSC Communique intercom)


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*Warning, newbie*


I'm trying to figure out how to attach a door sensor to my unique DSC intercom.  I've got a Fibaro door/window sensor that has a spot to connect a doorbell (according to the instructions inside).


The DSC intercom has a wiring diagram I have attached.  Can I just wire the Fibaro sensor right to the intercom on the OR/BR listed in the diagram?  This isn't a normal doorbell.  It is an intercom on a DSC Communique phone system.  I would like to trigger the Fibaro sensor from the doorbell so that I can queue a ring/sound on my Sonos system.


I'm attaching a picture of the pcboard -- you can see the red/grn/yel/blk wires that are mentioned on the diagram.  I assume the OR/BR are the GRY and BLU.


All of the typical doorbell/zwave approaches I see online are more oriented to the existing siren/chime and/or the transformer.  In my case, I don't have any of these as the intercom/doorbell rings via the DSC phone system.  




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It appears that there are two models, one with the optional door button connections and one without.


My doorbell looks like the one in Figure 3 that mentions the extra wires.  (The outside looks like Figure 3.  It doesn't have the extra buttons that the figure above it has.)

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