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What is the best Insteon module for powered blinds?


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I have 3 windows in my family room that are quite high. When I moved in, I wanted powered blinds but there was no power supply close to the windows, so I settled on battery packs for the Hunter Douglas blinds. I have regretted that decision ever since! The batteries wear out very quickly and are a pain to replace due to the height.


We are about to do some renovations and I want to get power to the windows so I can install powered blinds. All of the power will be taken from a light switch which currently controls a couple of sconces that are being taken out. I am looking for suggestions on what kind of Insteon modules I should consider installing to control the blinds. Note that I want to be able to control each blind individually. Thanks

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So you're looking to replace the blinds entirely?  Or just switch from battery to plug-in?


I've got a similar question.   I need to replace several older sets of Hunter-Douglas cellular blinds, looking for new motorized blinds which will use a plug-in power supply and are suitable for automation via Insteon or Z-wave.

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Which specific H-D motor? Which battery pack? Which controller? Provide as much information as you can. BTW, not pertinent to you dilemma, but how long do the batteries last? Are you using lithium batteries? How often do you move blinds?

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