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Connected Home vs Hue Emulator?


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I'm curious as to the comparison?  I followed the Hue Emulator thread but never installed and now am curious how those who have experience using Connected Home/ISY Skill and the Emulator feel about the two?





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I started with the hue emulator, and was very happy with the way it worked.  When the portal came out, I added a few new scenes to the portal, and was happy with those working, too.


Then, well, "life happened" for a while :D  and up until last evening, that's how it all was left.  Nobody in the house noticed the difference between the devices/scenes on the emulator vs those on the portal, and even I forgot which were where.  The point being that I guess the worry I had that the portal would be slower or less reliable or whatever was an unfounded fear.


Last evening I felt the need to "fix" one of the scenes that was on the hue emulator -- and found that I could no longer get Alexa to find my emulator.  I fought with that for several hours, to no avail, and then just turned off the emulator and added  those devices/scenes to the portal.  Working great, and again, nobody noticed the change this morning.


Net of it all -- the portal is easier to set up, and multiple names are a huge benefit, but in terms of day-to-day voice response the two are identical.  But it should be noted that the most recent versions of Alexa don't seem to play nice with the hue emulator any more, at least not for me.

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