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List of Spokens


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URL is:


This returns JSON which includes the node address, name (on ISY) and an array of the spoken elements.


The UUID is URL encoded...  so if your ISYs UUID is 00:11:22:33:44:55 the <UUID> parameter should be 00%3A11%3A22%3A33%3A44%3A55 (simply replace each : with %3A)


You'll need to send basic auth using your portal credentials. 



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Thanks a lot. More info than expected makes the command even more useful. BTW, I didn't need to replace : with %3A.


Thanks again B)

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Looks like the url now also needs a 'domain' parameter. You can get your domain value from an api call to:

The _id value is what you need to add to the original url as &domain=......


It should look like this:


Unfortunately, the API is not formerly documented - and subject to change. I discover this by analyzing chrome in developer mode...



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