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How to get two motion sensors to turn ON and OFF a light


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Hello all,


This is only my second time posting in a forum, so please be patient :-)

I have a light controlled by an 2447S and one motion sensor #1 in room “A”
I also have another motion sensor #2 in the “hallway” leading to room “A”
I want to turn the light “ON” when going in room “A” and turn it “OFF” when leaving the room into the hallway.  Therefore if going in room "A" from the hallway, this will trigger sensor #2 first and sensor #1 to turn the light “ON” and if leaving room "A" to the hallway then this will trigger sensor#1 first an then sensor#2 to turn the light "OFF".  The 2 motion sensors are from the ELK M1 using the elk module to talk to the ISY.
I’m not too sure how to program this! I’ve tried different combinations with the two motion sensors with no success. I must add that room “A” has two more doors that activate the light as well.


Any help would be very much appreciated.





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I am not sure if the Elk interface to ISY produces trigger actions or just provides status but if triggers are available then something like tis may fit the bill:



   control MS.A is switched On


  control MS.Hall is Not switched On



    Set Light.A On

    Wait 120 seconds

    Set Light.A off



   Set Light.A On

   Wait 30 seconds

   Set Light.A off



If Elk only provides a status for the MS units then something else will need to be worked out.

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Thanks for your reply Larry


Yes, with the elk module, the ISY can use all sensors coming from the ELK M1 to create scene, programs etc. And yes it did the trick. Million of thanks.

It wasn't a question of ISY sensing the Elk status points, it was whether the status points are trigger and status points or just status points.


If this difference isn't clear let me try another angle.


Lets say you walk past your MS 10 times in 1 minute  and ELK notifies ISY.= the light stays on.


Does ISY get notified 10 times or just once?

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