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Alexa Command for turning Fanlink Motor on High, Medium or Low


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I connected a fanlink and then configured this in ISY Portal.  I am able to turn the fan off with "Alexa turn fan off".  I dont know what the command to turn the fan on is.  The options on Fanlink are Off, Low, Medium and High.  


Has anyone figured this out?

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Try putting the Fanlink as a responder into 4 seperate scenes - one each for high, medium, low and off.


On the portal, set the spoken name on each of the 4 scenes scene respectively.

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additionally, try asking Alexa to "set fan to 25%,  for medium use 60%.   Since there are three speeds you're trying to get close to 33% 66% and 99% etc....

Beyond using the scene settings this has been reliable in my setup.

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Good use of controlling a device instead of a scene. If you use a KeyPad to control the fan, then the button LEDs will not indicate the correct speed. But there's a solution. Create a program for each speed plus off and use the state of the motor as a condition to run the appropriate scene.


BTW, the listed values are

  1%-49%     Low

50%-99%     Medium

    100%       High

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