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LED Strip light dimmer compatible with 2477D


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Can someone help me confirm if this power supply is compatible with the Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmer 2477D?



I assume it is because the compatibility list shows LampLink and MicroDimmer work?



Also, if someone has a recommendation for better low wattage dimmer for LED strips I would appreciate it.  I am going to replace 5 under-counter florescent's with LED strips and want the ability to dim them.  They are currently hardwared with 14/2 romex thru the walls and I can't run low-voltage wire between them so I need 5 separate small, not crazy expensive dimmable power supplies.


- Jim

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I use the MiLight system with these strips. They are cheap and give really good light and easy to control from ISY or the hand controller that comes with the system.

Make sure to get the RGBWW strips. I had several RGBW and once I saw the RGBWW strips I replaced all of the RGBW ones I had installed. About 3300K and nice working light.


No Insteon dimmers required. You could use a SwitchLinc switch though but wouldn't need to.


The strips come in various waterproofing styles. These (IP67) have a silicone case around them. There are also encapsulated styles and bare. You will regret the bare first time you have to wipe them clean. Look for the SMD5050 designation for any of the case styles.

5metre strips come with a connector on each end. I cut my in two pieces and threw the mid section away. I haven't found a way to put new pins on the left over pieces.  Don't get the snap on connectors...they don't work because the pins are spaced wrong for LED strips and they all know it but still sell them for these. I have a bag of them = garbage.




This takes a 12v 3-5amp power supply with a 2.1 x 5.1 mm DC plug on it, Get the two wire plug. I had to cut all the ground wires off my first bunch. They dpn't go into extension cords and power bars well. It's an all plastic case anyway.



a strip controller for each LED section and a central WiFi bridge by your router or anywhere



I used these silicone clips to hang them underneath things. Adhesive just falls off the first time you heat them up. They are transparent. IIRC SmichaelJ (HuddaDudda) got some hard track for them that may be easier and more expensive to put up.



I connected them with this adapter from the controller to the strip. Note NOT 4 pin!! I got white cable units but didn't find them quickly. The pins are double ended plain pins so female is not an order time worry. Get all male if available.




These bulbs match the colour and use the same WiFi bridge unit. They come in 6 watt and 9 watt. get the 9 watt for the brilliance. Nice light!



BTW: One WiFi bridge can only control four groups of bulbs/strips each. I use two controllers for 11 different LED strips/bulbs. Some share the same group address and there is no limit to how many per group address.


You will need the network  module or RPi gadget to control them. I have drivers written on RPi but don't know how to hook them to ISY yet.

I can show you how to create the udp packets in about 5 minutes. They are so easy.


Note: there is no blending to make pastels but after using these and Hue I am over that fantasy and couldn't care less about that. You want glowing rich colours or real good working white with excellent dimming and tone. These have that.


Oh and they won't come on in the middle of the night when the power blinks like Hue bulbs do. They remember where they were left.

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Thanks for all the details, but my wife will kill me if she can't control them with the switch. I want them to come on with motion like I currently already do, but at a dimmed level, then allow us to hit the switch to turn them all the way up.


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Not a problem. I assume you are talking an Insteon MS?

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I run all my 11 coloured light strings and bulbs off one SwitchLinc dimmer and ISY as well as the other SwitchLinc controlled ceiling light sets and ceiling and lamp Hue bulbs. about 17 parts in total. The main Switchlinc does it's bulbs and all the rest join in, ramping together.


I have Christmas coloured themes, Easter, Halloween, TV watching (random colours), and the seven basic colours, combined with dimming and ceiling lights all in scenes.

Wife likes them now and knows how to change colours and dim them all from the same switch.


On dull days we use the double tap up to turn them all on 100% and the room looks like an operating room table with about 200 Watts of white LED light. Sure helps the dull day blues we get here on this foggy mountain.

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Insteon dimmers are leading edge and use TRIACs. Read the section Forward Phase dimmers.


Yes, I read the section on forward phase dimmers, but it doesn't really answer my question.  The question was that they list 2 Insteon dimmers that they say are compatible with these transformers, but the 2477D is not specifically listed.  So, can I safely assume it will be as compatible as the ones they list? 

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I really think it comes down to trial and error at this point. The only Insteon product that formally supports LED lighting is the InLine Linc (ILL) dimmer.


I've taken one apart and compared it to others such as the Lamp Linc, Switch Linc, KPL, and no obvious differences are present. I've been using various brands of LED bulbs with all of the above with great success and no issues thus far.


At this point take one for the team . . .

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