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Upgrading 994i with Zigbee Smart Grid SEP Radio


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I've recently upgraded my ISY 994i with the High Powered Zigbee Smart Grid (SEP1.1) Radio so as to connect to my PG&E smartmeter. I do have connectivity and am receiving meter usage info, but no pricing information.


Looking around the forums I found a post that mentioned changing the firmware when the new radio was added. There were no instructions provided with my hardware upgrade, so I hadn't realized this was necessary. However now having changed to the ZS firmware,  I'm not seeing any change in functionality - it's not working any better and I'm still not getting pricing information.


Our PG&E plan is based on net metering with Time-of-use (TOU). Should I be getting that pricing info from the meter? If so, how do I

work out where the problem is?


- Andrew

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