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2 KPL's - 3 Scene's - Sync


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Can someone direct me to the best way to setup two KPL's in a replicated/identical fashion to control 3 scenes?  I've got 2 KPL's at each end of the room and want them to stay in sync and control 3 different scenes for the room.    I am having trouble with the mutually exclusive buttons and keeping both KPL's in sync with each other for each of the 3 scenes.

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First, stay away from mutually exclusive buttons.  That is old function that can produce bad results as the mutually exclusive button display indicates.


Add the KPL button for both KPLs as Controllers to the Scene the button operates.


Do the same for each KPL button for both KPLs as Controllers to the other Scenes the KPL buttons operate.


When one KPL button is pressed to operate Scene the other KPL button will follow. 

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Mutually exclusive buttons is when you want only one of two or more button the be lit at the same time. If that's what you want, then you can also do that with the same scenes you created. Just add the buttons you want unlit to each respective scene with an On-level of 0%.

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