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Trouble setting up EZrain V2 #5010A


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I am having issues migrating my existing EZrain irrigation controller to an ISY 994i/IR PRO.


The controller seems to link OK however the 994i thinks it is a "(2412S) PowerLine Modem v.90"


This device has been working for many years with my existing Intego Insteon system without fail.


Any and all pointers welcome.






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Your EZRain is built on a 2412S PLM Base Unit with their custom daughter board. Replacing the normal serial daughter board.


When first booted up. The daughter board is supposed to set the PLM to identify as the EZRains Category and Sub Category. From the normal PLM's Category and Sub Category. It appears yours is reporting it is a 2412S PLM and not an EZRain.


You may want to try a factory reset and see if the daughter board will again set the base PLM to identify as an EZRain.

Unplug for at least ten seconds. Then while holding the Set Button plug it back in and hold the set button for at least ten seconds before releasing it.

That will also wipe clean any settings you have in it.


My thoughts are it has a hardware failure as it is built on the older 2412S PLM Base Unit. That was discontinued years ago.

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