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Why is device showing up as controller?


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Info only: A "plug" is what's found at the end of a lamp coed (or extension cord). A plug has two blades or two blades and a pin. A plug gets plugged in. The device that receives the plug is called a receptacle or has a device name, such as LampLinc or ApplianceLinc or FilterLinc or even a timer.

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If you are talking about a Insteon Module that is plugged into an outlet. The model of the module would help.


Some of the new models can also act as a controller and show up in Red in the Administrative Console.


My 2635-222 On/Off modules can also be linked as a controller to other modules. When their local On or Off buttons are used. So they are shown in Red in the Administrative Console. Even not being ever linked to anything as a Controller in my setup.


The 2457D2 Lamp Module can also be a controller. So will be showing as a Red entry.

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