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Exposing Elk thru ISY portal to Echo


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So I've got a new ISY 994i with the Elk module. In ISY I can see the alarm settings, and the thermostat I have connected to the Elk alarm.


For some reason, I expected (with version 2) to be able to see those devices in the ISY portal and expose those to my Echoes, just like any of the Insteon switches I have. That is not the case. So only thermostats connected to the ISY can be controlled by Echo?


Or is this something coming in the future?

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I think the issue is that thermostats native to Elk are not expressed as native nodes on ISY, or thru it's API. To manipulate them, you need to make API calls via the Elk endpoints - not device endpoints. Only device/scene/program endpoints are available in the Echo integration.


IMO, this is not that bad. You can create programs that implement the functionality you need and then access the program thru the portal and Echo.


I really don't want to be able to disarm my Elk via my Echo!

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