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ISY connected to UPS


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I'm contemplating connecting the ISY to a UPS.  However, I'm not sure if there is value-add in doing this.


In my mind, the ISY will be protected against power issues, but the PLM will not.


So, in a power outage situation, the UPS-protected ISY will lose communication with the PLM.  When power is returned to the PLM, does it "announce itself" to the ISY?  Or does the ISY (at some interval), go out and check to see if the PLM is alive?



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ISY994z on UPS works fine for me.


My PLM is plugged into a "panel outlet" at the breaker box, then patched 30 feet away to where the UPS and ISY are located.  The ISY recovers without an issue when the PLM loses power and then comes back, sometimes hours later.


The biggest downside to keeping the ISY up during outages  is that I lose all the benefits of Catch up schedules at Restart./ Missed Schedule Grace Period.

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