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Java Admin interfaces closes immediately after authentication


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Oh how I hate java-based crap. 


Anyway, I'm sure I've run into this before, but can't seem to remember/find a fix.


Trying to login to my ISY "web" (ha!) admin interface, which of course, really launches the java POS that we have.  Immediately after authentication, it shuts down the java interface and the "web" page changes to the:




(in my case, the URL that works is:  http://isy:84)


I don't recall what firmware I'm on because I can't get into the darn thing to see/check.


Trying to figure out why the water leak sensor didn't trigger (or maybe it did, all I know is that my central AC flooded my basement and I didn't get an alert).


But we'll start with why I can't start the java-based admin console (REALLY want a true web-based one).


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