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Hidden Door Sensor Alternate Use


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I have 2 kids that obviously are unable to remember to lock a door.  Does anyone know if it would work if I installed a hidden door sensor in the hole where the deadbolt goes in to sense if it is locked or not? I would set up a program to notify me after 10pm if the deadbolt was not activated.


I know I can do this with Zwave deadbolts, but my wife likes the locks we have.


Just wondering before I purchase one.


Thanks in advance!

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You would have to drill a hole deeper than the tongue of the deadbolt plus the length of the HDS. Without having one you may be past the doorframe stud and jack stud into the insulation of an outside wall.


It would be hard to service when you need to check/change batteries.

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The place where a deadbolt is installed is the weakest link in the door buck. A decent deadbolt has a steel striker plate and lengthy screws. Drilling a hole in that location will severely and negatively impact the strength of the deadbolt against a break-in. Doing so is a terrible idea as far as security is concerned.


IMO, a remote controllable deadbolt is a solution.

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Wow, that makes it easy to  kick open the door right at the point where the deadbolt is installed B)

As long as ISY gets notified!


Afterall, this is an HA forum, not a security forum! :)


I always love the super-nichrome-herculean-krytonite metal hardened, impenetrable, security deadbolts right beside the door sidelites, made of breakable glass. ....and safety glass too, as you don't want the burglar to get a cut! :)

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It just doesn't make sense to specifically weaken an entry point, most especially when an HA device is available to better accomplish the task.


Sure it does, when there are weaker entry points, and reliability of the sensing is important. Besides, you can always reinforce it with a plate or a strike box.

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If it's a metal door, then it is safe to drill a hole for the hidden door sensor, but the signal may not reach anything.


BTW, if kicking a metal door to open it is successful, then an interior metal door was used. I've been in the construction industry to know that an exterior metal door won't easily buckle.

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Those are massive (and correspondingly, the hole used to insert them) compared to the Flair VIP70 (http://www.flairsecurity.com/product/vip70-38-recessed-plunger-switch/) I used


A micro switch or the device you linked to doesn't do much to weaken the door. A hidden door sensor does.

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Thanks for the comments!  It is a door from the garage, and it is up 4 stairs (with no landing), so I am not worried about someone being able to get the leverage to kick it, although it would make for a funny video as they fell down 4 feet!

I am working on my wife for the zwave tomorrow.

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