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"Open failed" message in event viewer


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I installed a new OutletLinc Dimmer today. Was curious as to what Insteon engine was being used, as it is at the other end of house from PLM and have had issues with some locations only accessible via hops through I1 or I2 (not I2C) devices.


Unclear to me how to interpret the Event Viewer results (I did NOT get the message about reverting to I1), but I noticed a curious and seemingly unrelated entry in the Event Viewer:


[FileOpen] Open failed for [Conf/47.PRP] ®


Does this mean there is some flash memory failure in my ISY994 or a corrupted file?


I repeated Query Insteon Engine, and did not get the error message again, so could be completely unrelated.



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No difficulty. I just installed it.


I noticed that message in the event viewer. It seems to me that the ISY is complaining it could not open a file in the ISY's filesystem.


I doubt that the OutletLinc is a relevant detail. It's just what I was doing when I got the message in the Event Viewer.

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It recurred.


Open Failed for [/CONF/46/PRP]


I think this is a bug, but hopefully a benign one.


I sometimes accidentally right mouse click. I think it must set some flag in another file saying "there are notes for this node". But I haven't made/saved any notes. So, it goes to open the file, and there is no file.


Or is it just trying to open the file when I right-click, and because I have not previously saved notes, it gets the error message.


Either way, I'd call it a bug to log it - or at least log it with this wording.

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