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Internal Error dialog box


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On my Mac bringing up the ISY994i Java app as usual and have been getting the pictured error dialog box below. If I hit the "Continue" button it comes up three more times and after that fourth button press things seem normal... and it happens again later seemingly randomly.


Doing firmware upgrade (4.5.1) made no difference.

UI is

Java upgrade made no difference.

Computer restart no difference


Any ideas?




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Mitch had the same issue as I.  I don't get the icon onto my desktop when i open the jpln file.  Am I supposed to open it with anything in particular? When "opened" Java flash screen briefly shows up, then nothing. On another occasion I tried, the error message was simply "unable to open the application". I cleared the cache and even tried Chrome (that didn't go anywhere because of the lack of Java).


Mac - Yosemite 10.12

using Airport

I can use the ISY through the Mobilinc which says the ISY is on

I can see the blue screen using Firefox so I suspect there is a connection to the ISY there.


Any thoughts


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