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Motion sensor FAQ/installation guide or help?


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I'm trying to set several insteon motion sensors, #2842-222, with my ISY 994i Pro.  Is there a FAQ or other info source for how to do this?  I have too many questions to ask, so it would be easier for a FAQ/installation guide. 


For instance, it appears to me that I have to manually add each insteon motion sensor by going to the Universal Devices Admin Console, then Link Management, Add a Sensor, Motion Sensor, then typing in the address.  Problem #1: Two of the sensors I have have been outside a while and the address sticker on the outside is not readable.  I do not know the address. Is it possible to add these without an address?  Or do I need to buy more sensors?  (I used to have these sensors set to turn on/off specific lights, without going through software; but now I want to use software for various reasons, one of which that I want the lights to be on at certain times regardless of the sensor and the sensor breaks that and turns them off.) 


Problem #2:  Once you add a sensor, how do you test it to see if it works?  


Problem #3:  How do you configure the sensor using software (the Universal Devices Admin Console)?  (Assuming no jumpers other than Remote Software Management are enabled.)


Thank you.

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1. Select the Start Linking icon (rotating arrows). Place the MS into linking mode. Continue when the MS appears. It's best to add on MS at a time.

2. After the MS is added and a scene created, each tap of the set button will alternately turn the scene on of off.

3. Click on the MS. Place the MS into linking mode and select Options.

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While in linking mode five quick taps on the linking button will force the MS to send it's current Light/dark detection state, without any time delays. This can be used for setting the dark level adjustment more conveniently.


Make sure you factory reset those MSes before linking them. You may save yourself a lot of hassle.

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Thank you.  I have tried to add them by finding them, but that did not work, even putting them next to the PLM.  I'll factory reset and try again and see what happens.  I'll report back (won't have time to do this until the weekend).

IIRC there is a trick to extracting the Insteon address that I think you need.


  • You manually link the MS to another device like a SwitchLinc or plug-in module. This is done Insteon style without any help from ISY.
  • Run the Event recorder in admin console and then activate the MS. Look for the Insteon address used for the MS.
  • Factory reset both devices and restore the catalyst unit.
  • Use the MS address in the new device menu (lightbulb icon)
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Ok, I remember why I hate these things. They're difficult to work with. 


First problem:  factory reset does not work.  I've tried an old MS and a new one (cut the box open, removed the MS, followed the procedure below).  Neither MS beeps at all. Here is the procedure I used:


1. If possible, unlink from all Responders before proceeding.
2.Remove battery.
3.Wait 15 seconds.
4. While pressing and holding the Set button, reinstall the battery. Do not let go of the Set button.
5. Motion Sensor will emit a long beep. Continue pressing and holding the Set button until beep stops, then release.


Is the above procedure the correct one?  If so, are there any tricks to this procedure?


Problem 2:  I can't get the old or new MS to be found by the ISY.   I hit "link management", then "start linking" and follow the normal linking procedure (which worked today outstandingly well for a light module).  Even putting either the old or new MS right by the PLM, the ISY never finds the MS.  Are there tricks to this, too?

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Does the MS go into linking mode? unlinking mode? Can you manually link the MS to a responder?


I'm not sure.  I put the MS into linking mode by pressing the button on the MS for about 5 seconds, until the light flashes on the MS.  Those are the instructions I have to put the MS in linking mode.


I don't know how to tell if an MS is in unlinking mode (I honestly don't know what that means). 


I have not tried linking the MS to a responder as of yet.  I had my "old" MS linked to a responder for a long time, but I had to completely rebuild the entire system and lost the linking.  (Or at least I think I did -- the light certainly never came on even though I could see the MS's red light indicating movement.) 


The problem with the MS being linked to a responder is that it also turns off the light.  I would like to have an outside light be on during a certain time period (say, dusk to 9:30pm), and during this period it should ignore the MS.  However, after this period, the light should light when the MS senses motion and turn off sometime later (when the MS no longer senses motion).  The problem I had is that if the light was on during the time period I want it on, the MS would turn it off.  The only way I can figure out how to do this is to use programming and not linking.

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Not everyone has an Insteon manager that can create, delete and/or modify scenes, for example an ISY, the Hub or software. In fact, none of that even existed when the Insteon protocol was first released.


Scene were done manually. Linking was used to add a device to a scene, unlinking deletes the device from the scene. Holding the set button the first time places the device into linking mode, the L ED blinks. Holdin the set button a second time (while the device is in linking mode) places the deive into unlinking mode--the LED blinks more rapidly.


Programming can come later after we find and hopefully fix the MS difficulty.


So, can you successfully manually link the MS as a controller?

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