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my PLM just forgot everything but it's own identity.


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I just noticed that my PLM was not getting any information from my insteon devices.  Nothing that I did in the house registered in ISY.  I restarted both the ISY and the PLM and nothing changed.  I ran the "show PLM links table" and it showed TWO LINKS.  


(to solve the problem, I clicked "restore PLM" and it now has 281 links.


It is worthy of note that this happened to my about five or so years ago and I the support that I got from Universal Devices and Smarthome resulted in me being given an Insteon Hub that i used until I had a recent problem.  I then switched back to a regular PLM about a month ago and this problem of my PLM forgetting my links has come back.  It makes me think that it is somehow my ISY's fault.  I have a 994i and am on software 4.5.3.


I appreciate any help as I expect that this will business of the PLM forgetting all of it's links will happen over and over again like it did five years ago.

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Hello Someguy,


For the benefit of the forum members can you also provide the information noted on the back of the 2413S PLM. It will state the hardware revision and production date. Lastly, can you indicate what the ISY Series Controller notes as the firmware in use for this device.

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