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Echo Dot with Wired Speakers PROBLEM


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I have searched on this forum but not found this specific issue.


I have a problem that Amazon support has not been able to help me solve.


Is anyone having success having a 2nd gen Echo Dot connected 100% of the time to wired speakers?  I'm not.



I had an Amazon Echo but wanted better sound quality for music.

So I bought a 2nd generation Echo Dot and wired it (3.5mm stereo mini cable) to a Bose SoundDock II.

At first, this works GREAT!  Echo Dot hears my commands great and the music sounds much better than from the Echo.


But after about 2 hours, the Echo Dot loses the connection with the speakers somehow.  When I issue a command, the Echo Dot ring glows blue and then continues to be blue to show me that Alexa *thinks* she is responding.  But no sound comes out of the Bose speakers.



1.   I connected an old iPod touch to the speakers to see if it was the speakers that were falling asleep.  However, I can come back after many hours and press "play" on the iPod, and the music plays perfectly.  In other words, the iPod Touch connection to the Bose SoundDock II works exactly how I want the Echo Dot connection to work - on demand, any time.


2.  I called Amazon customer service.  The person with whom I spoke agreed with me that this is a problem with the Echo Dot and suggested that I will need to wait for a fix to be pushed down by the developers.



I cannot be the only person having this problem - the wired output is a major selling point of the Echo Dot!  So, are others having this problem?  If not, what wired speakers are you using?  Does anyone know how to overcome this problem so that I can use my Echo Dot 2G with my Bose SoundDock II?



A in Pittsburgh, PA

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Thanks, Ajax, but that's for the SoundDock 10.  My model is the SoundDock II.  Thanks.


It's likely that all SoundDock use the same standby circuitry. Note that the SoundDock 10 specifies that it won't go into standby if an iPhone is in the dock, that's probably true of the SoundDock II as well.

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The SoundDock II has an auto off feature.  I'm not sure how long, but after a while with no activity, it just shuts off.  You need to hit the volume button on the unit or the remote to reactivate it.  REALLY annoying.


I've this same issue, and yes it looks like it auto turns off so thanks for suggesting that.  Pressing the volume button does re-activate but like you said it's very annoying that an audio input doesn't.  

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