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Adjusting multiple scene/devices


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Hi - I want to make a scene that controls all of my interior lights. 


Aside from ease of adding them, is there a preferred way to set this up?


I have scenes like Kitchen Lights - that control two or three different scenes. I have lights that are not in scenes, etc.


Should I add all the individual devices to something like this, or a combination of scenes and devices? Does it matter? Do I ned to make sure that I push a control event only once?





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The easiest is to put all of the lights you'd like to control in one scene for that purpose. Its ok for the same light to be in other scenes too.


For example, I have several different scenes controlling lighting in my kitchen... recessed, pendant etc, and each are controlled by different keypad keys.


I also put them all in one scene so a "good night" key pad key turns them all off when we go upstairs for the night.


You can also use a program to set the scene on and off from a program



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In conjunction with Paul's comments above...

That is what scenes are for. This is how it was done before ISY intelligence came along.

Each Insteon device can hold about 250 different scenes.


I have a scene that contains all my lights as well as my back doorbell. For an alarm almost every light in my house, and wrap around desks, flashes on and off as well as 4 beepers and my back doorbell.

Simple....just turn scene On Wait 2 seconds, turn scene off.


I have two other scenes, one for all upstairs and one for all downstairs.


If they ever get messed up...just right click the device and select Restore.

ISY reigns supreme again.

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