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Just did my first 3-way...

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So, I got everything working, but had a dumb question regarding the LED's on the side of the dimmers.


I have lights on the stairs.

The load comes in at the bottom, and I hard wired it to the black wire going upstairs.

The control is at the top of the stairs, and sends the switched load to the light.


I'm using a dimmer switch at both locations.


The bottom dimmer has nothing connected to it's red switched wire.


In the ISY programming.

I have created a scene for the Stairs.

It has the bottom dimmer as a controller.

It has the top dimmer as a responder.

Both switches control the one light, as I would expect them to.


On the upstairs switch, the LED lights on the side of the switch go up and down with the brightness on the light.

They also change as when the other switch is used.


However, on the downstairs dimmer, the LED's will only respond to local control - they will not go into the OFF position if the off button is pressed upstairs.


Is there any work around for this?


Thanks, Nick.

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