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Adopt existing setup.

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I have a friend that (unbeknownst to me) installed about 20 Insteon switches in his house last year.


He did not have a controller, and programmed them all manually.


He now has a ISY (because of me) and needs to start programming.

Some of the devices (like the FanLinc) are really difficult to press the setup button.


Is there a way to adopt all of these devices into the ISY without having to reset them, or press buttons?


Thanks, Nick.

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There is no need to press the set button on any wired device when creating scenes in the ISY. If a device can't be reached easily, such as a FanLinc, then select Remove existing links (which should be selected in any case). Wherever possible, factory reset devices.


Battery powered device must be manually placed into linking mode.

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Hey Stu.

I think you missed the point.


He has working KPL's, Switches & FanLinc modules.

They are already programmed and working.


He wants to add an ISY.

How can he "adopt" the existing configuration without reprogramming everything.

How can he add the FanLinc modules (and others) without having to press the set button.

The FanLinc, in particular, involve getting a ladder, and disassembling the fan in order to get to the FanLinc hidded inside.  Some of his fans do not allow simple removal of the "base cover" as that is what is supporting the fan weight, and so this is now a 2 person job.


Just looking to see if there is an easy way to do a setup without starting from scratch, with a lot of reprogramming.


Thanks, Nick.

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One can select "Add devices found in links and keep existing links," but my experience is that it doesn't always work unless the linked devices are already in place. It's always best to start fresh.


There is no need to press any set buttons on wired devices in order to create scenes. There is no need to press a set button to add a device to the ISY if you know the Insteon ID.

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FWIW.... Having moved from HomeSeer with a medium size (~50 Device) setup,.... in the end, starting from scratch was better. I did not have great luck with re-integrating discreet scenes when trying use the "Add devices found in existing links"


If I could go back, I would have skipped the time and effort that I spent trying to "import it" rather than rebuild it.





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I'd be happy to reset and rebuild.
The hardest part is to get the FanLinc's adopted.

Perhaps if I can adopt the switch, and get the fanlink adopted.

Then I can get the serial numbers.


From there, is there an easy way to "reset" the fanlinc - or can I simply delete/adopt it and tell it to forget everything.


Thanks, Nick.

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If you add the switch (KeypadLinc?) and keep existing links, then you should be able to get the Insteon ID for the FanLinc. At that point you can delete the switch and add it back selecting Remove existing links,

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