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Dimming LED Lights


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I just experiment with various levels and set them as a local control or in programs so I know they are as low as they will go without dropping out or not illuminating in the first place.


I have one ensuite bathroom SwicthLinc that I wrote a short program to intercept the dimming signal and force the lowest level I have predetermined to be stay on.


I find the dimming rate too aggressive at the bottom end, with LEDs not being visually linear for dimming. They do very little at at the 100% down to about 40%, and then take off exponentially negative. This makes them harder to control at human desirable/useful dim levels.

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builderb - larryllix describes  the exact issue that I was asking about.


larryllix - it sounds like there is no easy way to do this with ISY (e.g., max / min setting)...instead it would need to be programmed.


How does you code work?  I'm wondering if it replicates the trimming capability of the Radio RA.

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