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Device Naming Vs UdAjax Display


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I have an Hidden Door Switch that is only a status indication.  It displays 255 for an open condition and 0 for a closed.  Is there a way I can get it to display the words "OPEN" and "CLOSED" instead of the returned numeric value?


Also, does anyone have any ideas, pointers, suggestions on device naming conventions that would make the UI less cryptic?  Thanks very much...


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I had to look up what UDAjax is! For those unfamiliar with the term, it's the default web interface for the ISY.





Apparently, it's based on a third-party project, ISYAjax. It looks like the author maintained it for a while, and then perhaps lost interest. If somebody knows a newer source, please post a link:




It seems out-of-date, but the ISYAjax site should give you some insight on customization.


Since it is just a collection of web pages that uses Ajax to fill-in information from your ISY, you should be able to copy the pages and scripts to web pages in the Network Module - or even on some other device or computer (with a bit of modification) - and then customize-away. You'd have to write a bit of Javascript to interpret the 0 a 255 values as OPEN and CLOSED for display.


Have to assume others have done this. Did you search the forum?

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