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Multi room audio set up


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I have a multi room wired audio system throughout our home. In the room with all the components, there is a single input jack that I intend to plug into an echo dot when it is delivered. All my music is on iTunes and I need to know how to utilize the songs I have via the dot. I read somewhere that amazon music app can use iTunes songs.


Also if my dot in the components room can't hear me in the living room, can I just get a second dot to interface with the first one? Thanks!

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This link may help with iTunes. I added a Bluetooth receiver to my audio system and control iTunes from an iPhone.


Different Echos don't communicate, but if you set up a Household profile, then you can switch Echo is being commanded. The Echos will not be in sync.


edit: It seems that you can download Amazon music to iTunes, but not the other way.

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I gave up on iTunes..I honestly tried to make it work.  I have 110 gigs of iTunes library and was paying the $15/month family plan.


I switched to Spotify because of "Spotify Connect"  functionality with Echo and Chromecast.  I have Echos in all of the major rooms and I or the family members can connect to individual Echos via the Spotify app or can ask Alexa to play anything on Spotify through verbal commands..  I also have 3 Chromecast Audios deployed around the house for "whole house" audio.  Either playback method (individual room or whole house) is handled through Spotify


If you are looking for an alternative to iTunes, a $35 Chromecast audio plugged into your input jack on your multi-room audio system would work.

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Dot plugged into Sonos, Sonos in each room....I can access/play Amazon music, Pandora, my library, ...i.e. anything, any playlist just by asking..   working extremely well love it. Can fully control the system either with Sonos commands to any echo or dot in the house, or controlling the specific Amazon / Dot native commands in the room where the dot is plugged into the Sonos.  In the morning my wife puts on the local AM talk radio station as she's getting dressed in the bathroom... virtually perfect for what we use it for.   Pandora playlists work well and the Echo accepts and modifies songs that I give a thumbs up or down to.  Plus, as a longtime Sonos user, it's put new life into the system and I don't have to worry if my music server is on b/c I've loaded my core songs to the Amazon cloud anyway...

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