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ISY9941i Node Sync - Device Incorrect Type


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I recently added a Jasco 45712 Smart Dimmer to my ADT Pulse system.  In ADT, the switch is listed as a dimmer and I can control ON/OFF and dim/brighten.  The ISY 9941i is synchronized with the ADT Pulse system (master).


When I go to the ISY Administrative Console and Z-Wave, Tools, Synchronize Nodes, All, the device comes over as a ON/OFF power switch.  However, it cannot be queried or turned on or off.   I did refresh the mesh in Pulse prior to synchronizing with ISY 9941i.  I do have a smart lamp with dimmer features that properly works in ADT and ISY.


I have 4 more of these switches to install, but I am going to wait until I get this figured out.  All of my other devices properly synced to ISY and I can control them via Echo/Dot.  The goal is to switch 5 more lights over to the ADT system via zwave so I can control them via Echo/Dot.


I am not familiar with the configuration parameters in the devices to make a change there - not sure if that is even the solution.

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Just a follow-up, the synchronize nodes is stopping at node 17 and not bringing over new devices I added to ADT Pulse.  I thought it was bringing them over incorrectly, but that is not the case.  I now have 3 of these dimmers on the ADT system (node 19, 20 and 21).  When I watch the sync progress, it does node 17 and then bails with no error message.  It is only at 30 odd percent when it stops.


Tried it numerous times, had ADT do a refresh mesh, shut down ADT pulse  gateway and ISY device.  Rebooted everything.


Is there a limitation as to how many z-wave devices the ISY device can manage?


See attached events log.  I do not see any errors after node 17 is synced.




ISY-Events-Log.v4.5.4__Mon 2017.01.02 05.28.52 PM.txt

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