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TP-Link Smart WI FI Plugs

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My wife likes the shorter verbal Smart Home ECHO commands for her rooms and I still want overall control of all devices in my house using my ISY. I'm looking at the TP-link Smart Wi-Fi Plug and some other devices from TP-link. It seems to me using the UDI ISY network function I could at least perform basic control functions.


Has anyone discovered the control codes and command structure that can perform basic ON and OFF commands?  If so, could point me to the correct Posts or documents that I could study. One tool I was considering was a net work sniffer or interceptor where I could try to decode the command messages. Any suggestions to the right tool would also be appreciated.


If you are aware of any ECHO Smart Home compatible devices that are also controllable via the ISY kindly point me in the right direction.





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TP-Link based off of a cloud api with authentication, so you'll very likely need more than simple commands from the network module to control them with the ISY. 


The ISY Portal allows the shorter Alexa commands for Insteon, that's what we use with Insteon devices like lamplincs for lamps, Christmas lights, attic fan, etc. ("Alexa turn Christmas lights on").


This is via the Alexa ISY Optimized for Smart Home V2 skill.  Using the ISY Portal and Insteon approach gives you the goal of managing all devices with the ISY and your wife individual control of devices.


This is working very well for me and my non-techie wife.



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