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Amazon Echo control of ISY using WeMo emulator / REST


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Today with some help (thanks Network Magician!) I was able to get the WeMo emulator (fauxmo) running on RPi to work directly with Echo and control my ISY devices.  I don't know what limitations or gotchas are as I have only had this working for a couple of hours but wanted to share my joy.






Using the fauxmo python script on a RPi, I just added some of my well known REST commands and now I can control my ISY devices directly through the Echo, no Skills, no Clouds (except for Amazon access by Echo), no subscriptions.  I'm almost back to where I was with SiriProxy!  I know this has the user/pw in clear but its on my own local network.  I also use customized http port 5052 so use whatever your configuration requires.


The ONLY changes I needed to make to the fauxmo python script were adding my devices.  Here is a quick sample of some lights and a water valve controlled via I/O link:



    ['living room', rest_api_handler('http://user:passwd@ EA 59 1/cmd/DFON', 'http://user:passwd@ EA 59 1/cmd/DFOF')],
    ['dining room', rest_api_handler('http://user:passwd@ CE AF 1/cmd/DFON', 'http://user:passwd@ CE AF 1/cmd/DFOF')],
    ['kitchen', rest_api_handler('http://user:passwd@ 1E 32 1/cmd/DFON', 'http://user:passwd@ 1E 32 1/cmd/DFOF')],
    ['pub table', rest_api_handler('http://user:passwd@ 4B B9 1/cmd/DFON', 'http://user:passwd@ 4B B9 1/cmd/DFOF')],
    ['kitchen sink', rest_api_handler('http://user:passwd@ E1 28 2/cmd/DFOF', 'http://user:passwd@ E1 28 2/cmd/DFON')],
Here's the entire process on the RPi:
# load up raspian-lite or any other version


# enable ssh, login, etc.





# edit /etc/network/interfaces for a static ip address


auto eth0

allow-hotplug eth0

iface eth0 inet static






# add the following the following python library


apt-get install python-requests



# edit the fauxmo.py program - configure rest interfaces at bottom


# edit /etc/rc.local to kick off fauxmo on boot - add:


/home/pi/fauxmo.py &



# once it's running, tell alexa:


"alexa, discover devices"

Then you can "turn on" or "turn off" devices by name through "Alexa".
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