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Printing Devices

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I need to print out a list of all my devices including individual buttons of my keypads with the Address and, the device type. what would be great if I could just do a print out of what the Network / managed scene page that  shows when I first login to the Admin console. I tried print screen but I have over 700 devices when you include all the keypad buttons and I really cant get the print big enough.. the topology report adds a number to the Device address and I do not want that.


what do you think?

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Hi Michael

You can create the Topology report, and then 'drag and drop' the file onto an open MS Excel sheet.


That will create columns for each data element from the report.  Cut out the columns, format, filter, etc for printing


To get rid of the individual device nodes in the address:

  • Create a new column next to address
  • Go to the cell in first row with data, C8 
  • use this formula in C8:     =left(B8,8 )     <- No space after the 8, if it leave it here the forum turns in to a smiley
  • copy/drag the formula down



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