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Linked but no devices


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Hello All,


I was browsing on my phone the google home app and almost jumped up when I saw "Universal Devices" listed, I quickly pressed it and signed in..... "successfully linked".... no devices.


Of course, I should have stopped and read the wiki first as I had not yet configured ISYPortal for google home.  However, now that I read the docs and configured ISY, I am still unable to get my devices/programs to show.  I suspect that has to do with the refresh/unlink/relink issues but with the first link not having any devices, I don't seem to have an "unlink" option.


Any ideas?


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When I press the "+", it only lists my Nest as linked.  "Universal Devices" is still listed under "Add new".  Scrolling and down re-pressing UD does the same as above.  Sign In, Success, No Devices.


I am guessing it's somehow still linked but when it received no devices during the first link it ended up in a funky state of being linked and not the same time... again just guessing.


And just to confirm, my ISYPortal does now have entries in the "Spoken device list" under Google Home/Alexa connectivity.

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Hi Whisp,


Please make sure ISY is listed in the Preferred ISY field under My Profile.


With kind regards,



Any chance that the first ISY in the portal account can be made the "Preferred ISY" by default?  I expect that you'll have lots of folks setting this up for the first time and this seems like an unnecessary, unexpected, and unintuitive step for what it otherwise an excellent and "it just works" experience.



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