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Tree View Icons - What do they mean?


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Is there a guide somewhere showing what all the icons mean?   I ask because right now my mini remote has changed to a little grey icon and I think it means there is an error but I can't confirm



That icon means that you made a change to its settings directly, or changed a scene of which it was a member.  Hold the "set" button down until it beeps and the green LED starts flashing, right click on that item in the tree, and select "Write changes".  Battery operated devices are asleep most of the time, so you need to take additional steps to write updates to them.


Edit: That particular icon is described on page 25 of the ISY manual here: http://cache-m2.smarthome.com/manuals/12242db-manual.pdf.  I think the fact that it's black-and-white may be because it tried to write the changes, failed, and the changes are still pending.



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