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Aeotec Zw120 Door/Window Sensor


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Just purchased an Aeotec Zw120 Door/Window Sensor.  Included it in my network, battery level works, tamper alarm works but Binary Sensor does not.  I have reset my dongle, reset the sensor to factory settings, and excluded before including.  Still no action.  So I purchased another from a different vender, same thing. 


This is the second type door/window sensor I have purchased (first was a Linear WADWAZ-1) that does not work as it should.  At $30 a pop this gets expensive.  Obviously the ISY994 Zwave version 4.5.5 is not compatible


I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend some compatible sensors as there are many out there.



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With regard to the Aeotec ZW-120 Door/Window Sensor Gen 5, I was able to change the Configuration Parameter 121 to enable it to communicate properly and display the Binary Sensor status.  The Parameter Size is 4, and Value is 16.  If you look at the data sheet for this device, the message structure etc. is a bit ambiguous.


It is subtle problems like this that makes one wonder how non-technical people can deal with today's technology.


Thanks all..

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That worked great for my Aeotec sensor - is there something similar for the Wintop iDoorSensor (magnetic open/close sensor + temperature + battery)?  I have a few, some badged MiCasaVerde but they're all the same WinTop sensor, and they're exhibiting the exact same behavior as the Aeotec sensor did.  I've found a few parameters for it online but nothing seems to work correctly.




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