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KPL not lighting up buttons

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All of a sudden my MasterBedroom KPL no longer lights up.

It is still fully functional, it just does not light up.


Is there a simple setting to change - I have no been in the software in months, my brain is rusty...


Thanks, Nick.

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Doh, fixed it after 30 seconds of looking.

Hit the LED Brightness button, and everything was set to ZERO.


Interface Bug: if the width of the admin console is too narrow, the LED Brightness button dissapears.

With a small screen realestate geography here, I have missing parameters on the left, right, and bottom at times. :(

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I've found that after a year or so, some of my keypads "lose it" and need to be factory reset, followed by a restore device.


I had one a few weeks ago that the buttons started acting up. I did the reset/restore and its been fine since then



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