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External Antenna for mounting in NEMA enclosure?


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Has anyone mounted their ISY inside of a NEMA enclosure?


I would like to give this a shot but I am worried about the the Z-Wave module might not work through the enclosure.  It looks like the external antenna was discontinued but something out there might still work?  Any idea on what I could use?


Here is what I am thinking about mounting my ISY in:



Was thinking of piecing together an antenna kit like this:





I'm not expecting better performance from the external antenna just something to get the signal outside of the NEMA enclosure.

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There was another complaint, about two years ago, where a person changed all  X10 modues to Insteon in a metal pool pump and heater control box. It seemed like he had problems with RF, maybe standing waves inside the box and the Insteon modues would crap out, after working flawlessly with X10 for years.

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I have the same issue -- using a ventilated, metal enclosure for my home network and automation gadgets. So far so good since there are zwave devices close enough to act as repeaters for the weakened RF that makes it out of the box. For Wifi I had to set the router on top and expose the antennas or else the signal is too weak.

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