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Simple wait command not releasing

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I have 2 simple wait commands

set state = 1

wait 30 mins

set state = 0



wait 2 mins

turn off light


The action after the wait never happens.


I don't think that the programs are being re-triggered.  The last one responds to a X10 button push.

Any ideas???


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Please post the actual program.


Just right click the program and at the very bottom is "copy to clipboard"


You can paste into the forum.


Also, whatever items are in your "if" may need explanation as to what they are.  This is always a re-trigger problem so the "if" needs to be clearly communicated.

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If you are using 'state' in the 'If' section of your program, the program will abort when you initially set 'state' to 1.


For this reason, posting the whole program rather than just one part of it will let us help solve the issue.



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