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Why is the Portal needed


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I use the Amazon Echo with the ISY 994 - all works well but I don't really get why the portal is needed.  Can't the Echo talk to the ISY directly when controlling it locally?  

Also, since my purchase of the portal included the network module, is that a perpetual license for the network module?  I don't really need the Portal but I could control the ISY via the network module and a raspberry pi which I've already tested out with the Einstein's garage door script coupled to HA bridge.


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Hi pastro50,


There are only a limited set of devices that work directly with Echo (Phillips Hue). Others must go through the portal. If yo have the bridge that emulates Phillips Hue, you don't need the portal.


When you purchase ISY Portal, the Network Module is tied to it. If you do not renew the ISY Portal subscription, you will lose the network module. If you don't want ISY Portal but you want the Network module, you can send an email to sales@universal-devices.com and ask them to switch it for you. This way, you will lose ISY Portal but you will have the Network module in perpetuity.


With kind regards,


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Thanks Michel,

Thats exactly the situation - The bridge emulates the Phillips Hue and works locally.  I guess you are saying that the control for the ISY occurs in the cloud servers and not from the local echo - similar to how a skill operates.  

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