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Insteon Hub + ISY994 Concurrently


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Hi All, 


Is it possible to use BOTH an Insteon Hub and a ISY994 concurrently?


I already have an ISY994 handling numerous Insteon switches, outlets, and various other devices. It is well established, has various programs and does everything I need as far as automation goes. 


I have 2 Amazon Echo Dots that I want to use as well. I don't need them to run programs or scenes or anything like that. All I want them to do is to turn things on and off. Like "Alexa turn on kitchen lights". That's it. 


I am sure the "Portal" is great, but I am fed up with recurring revenue models. It isn't the money, I just want my hardware to work and not have every single thing in my house require a credit card and annual fees. I have had fraud 4x already this year, and changing CC numbers when that happens is a HUGE hassle. I've had enough. 


My existing ISY programs do what I need very well, and wouldn't want to have the Insteon Hub handle any automation tasks. I just want Alexa to turn on/off my kitchen lights or start the coffee maker (or other Insteon device) while still allowing my ISY to handle automation.


Thanks, I appreciate any help!



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Yes, you can use both concurrently as long as you are aware that the ISY won't know about anything you do with the Hub nor will the Hub know about the ISY. Also, if you need to use Restore Device or Write Updates to Device or make certain changes from the ISY, it may affect the Hub device and vice-versa.


BTW, I use both B)

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