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Automating an older Somfy retractable awning


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With high August temperatures just around the corner, I've finally started thinking about automating a retractable awning that I have installed over my deck.  This awning was installed by the previous owner when the house was built in 2000, and uses a pushbutton IGC switch (pictures posted below) that connects to the motor controller.  Nothing fancy.  I know very little about how these devices work, but I would prefer to either replace the IGC switch with an Insteon or Z-Wave device, or better yet, If it would work, insert an Insteon micro open/close module in the junction box which holds the IGC switch, which has plenty of space.


The IGC switch has three wires coming from a cable out of the motor controller, which I believe are utilized as follows:  


white = up

black = down

green = common


The Somfy motor apparently has limit switches for the extended and retracted positions already, and the "STOP" button on the IGC switch will immediately stop the awning in place, whether it's extending or retracting. 


This awning is old, but it works perfectly.  If it's possible to manage this relatively cheaply (without replacing the Somfy motor), then I'll do it.  I will certainly appreciate any insight/advice on how to accomplish this task.


Thanks in advance,





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