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6 button keypad, how to address "main" button versus "A" button


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Hi all, I've searched for this one in several places but haven't been able to put my fingers on the answer and I'm sure the answer is right in front of my nose. I have several 8 button keypads in place all working great. I'm experimenting with the 6 button keypad. On the 8 button keypad, the "Main" button is one and the same as the "A" button and is addressed in the ISY as "A". In the 6 button keypad, there is a "Main" button AND an "A" button. Are those two distinct buttons addressable in the ISY independently and if so, how? The device is set up in the ISY as the 5 buttons addressed A-E, not 6 addresses.


Thanks again!

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This assumes two things. If the load is attached you have five options because the top on is attached to the load and the bottom switch turns off the load and the top button.


If the load is not attached the top on can be used independently of the bottom off button.


I know clear as mud. . .

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The 6-button Keypad is a 5-scene controller. With or without a load, the top button is always on and the bottom button is always off. The top and bottom buttons cannot be separated, they behave as a paddle does. It doesn't matter if the keypad is a 6- or 8-button device, only the small buttons get an alpha label.

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I do have a load on that keypad and successfully turn that load on and off via manual presses of the "on" and "off" buttons and programmatically I can control that same load via the ISY by addressing the "A" button, exactly like the 8 button keypad. But..the 6 button keypad has an "A" button separate from "main." In the ISY program / scene: turn on "A" and the "ON" button turns on and turns on the load. (Great). Now..there's an "A" button directly below "On", if I am using "A" to reference the "ON" button, how do I reference the actual "A" button?

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When you originally add the 6-buttom KPL, the buttons are labelled with the Insteon ID followed by .1, .A, .B and .C. The first listed name, that is, .1 represents the On/Off pair of buttons, specifically the top and bottom buttons, respectively. A, B, C and D are secondary buttons, functionally equivalent to B, C, D, E, F and G on the 8-button KPL.


For the 6-button KPL, button A should not control the load at all unless you added that specific button as a scene controller in addition to the .1 button. Keep in mind, that although it's a 6-button keypad, it's a 5-scene controller.

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