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HDS and Missing Heartbeat


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I am finally getting around to adding heartbeat programs to my ISY.  I have 6 hidden door sensors.  All have fresh batteries.  ISY was rebooted over 3 days ago and no heartbeat status on 3 of the HDS.

After a closer look...  all HDS V.43 are reporting 'on' heartbeat status and all HDS V.44 are reporting 'off' ??


Is this a bug or V.44 not supported for heartbeat?

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If I follow, you are saying that HDS v.43 sends an 'On' (all is good) and HDS v.44 sends an 'Off' (all is good).

Correct, but don't get caught up on the firmware version being displayed. I say this because Smartlabs has been known to change features, behavior, etc mid production.


Ensure you monitor BOTH states though.



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