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Activate Devices Remotely


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I have two ISYs located over 300 miles apart. Currently, I use notifications to advise me of leaks, open doors, etc. That works fine except when I am asleep. Is there a way to have a device in one home activate device(s) in the other home. For example, a leak or open door in one home cause the lights in the other bedroom to flash on and off and/or activate a BuzzLinc. That would alert me at night. Thanks.

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You can set the two ISY's to use REST between them.  The sending ISY needs the network module and both ISY's need SSL (self-signed or paid) (be sure to fill out all the fields on self-signed . . .I learned the hard way).  Set up dynamic dns for the receiving location so you don't have to worry about your IP changing, then write programs to send a network command using REST upon whatever it is that you want to know about.  You'll also need to port forward 443 on your router to your receiving ISY.  Of course if you want bi-directional then both ISY's need all those features.


I have one ISY set variables on the other ISY which initiate activities on the second ISY.

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I very much appreciate the feedback, as always. But, as I had feared, this is a complex process involving skills I simply do not have.  I had a terrible time just learning how to forward a port! This, to me, is the area needing the greatest attention by OS and App developers.

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Untitled.png1) Install self signed SSL on both ISY's.  http://www.universal...urity Guide.pdf  Be sure to fill out all the fields with something.


2) Install network module on sending ISY (go to help/purchase module)

3) Port forward your router on receiving ISY to your ISY (port 443)

4) Setup network resource using REST command.  I have blacked out the authentication and my URL name.  This REST sets a state variable at location 1 on the receiving ISY with the current temp.  The 2/1 in the path means "state variable/spot 1"  Of course you can substitute anything you like, for example, it could turn a light on, run a program, whatever.

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