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I wonder if you could use one of the notifications.  Depending on your cellular network, one can send an EMail message and receive it as text.  (or, at least, one could in the past.)


For example, sending an EMail to xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com (xxxxxxxxxx = your phone number) would send a text message to your Verizon phone.  Other carriers have similar capability.  


Perhaps that would work for you.

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Is there a way for ISY to send a text through the resource manager?

Do you mean Network Resources?  It might be possible, depending on your particular cell carrier  -- some still offer a web gateway, or can be reached via a commercial web-to-SMS service (usually these charge a monthly fee).


Most carriers offer a public SMS gateway where you send a plaintext email (e.g. via Notifications) to a specific email address, and it is forwarded as an SMS to the recipient.   These generally have very strict anti-spam and rate-limiting, so sometimes if you send the same message multiple times, only the first one is delivered.


E.g. for a Sprint user in New Hampshire with phone number 222-3333, you'd email to 6032223333@messaging.sprintpcs.com

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