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Problem with lights flashing and wont stop


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I have a dimmer switch in the garage named "garage lights inside" and a 8 button keypad in the house named "Garage Lights KP C" .  Both control the interior lights of the garage.  Sometimes if I turn the garage lights on then off then on again with the dimmer, the lights start to flash and it gets into a never ending loop.  The only way to stop it is by disabling the "garage lights inside" dimmer then re enable it.


The "Garage Lights KP C" keypad and the "garage lights inside" dimmer are both a controller and responder for the "inside garage lights" scene which the "garage lights inside" dimmer is a part of. 


Have I messed up something here?  usually it works fine but this looping has happened about a dozen times now.


Any suggestions?





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I have had a dimmer cycle between off and on repeatedly.  Is that what you are seeing?  In my case, it was a device failure.


Definitely check the program logs, however.  Maybe Gary Funk is correct and you have a program that has found itself in some sort of loop.

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Non dimmable CFLs or LEDs on dimmer module can cause that. I’ve also seen when CFLs start to fail. Look for carbon buildup on at the base of tubes and base is hot. I’ve seen unreliable Insteon communication when CFL start to fail, which clears up once I replace the offending CFL.


Now that LEDs have come down in price and reliability has improved, I’ve been slowly replacing CFL with LED. Also swapping out dimmer modules for relay modules. Only dimmers modules are on dimmable LED floods, which basically eliminate the heat load in a room vs a incandescent.

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